Committed to preserving our environment

“We are driven by a desire to recycle and turn waste into a resource.
It’s part of our culture” – Richard Sanders, CEO

We started out with a single question: “What is the most ideal way of doing this?”

When we began our business journey in 2002 our vision was to provide the South African market with a comprehensive approach to managing waste. We set out to offer a more viable and sustainable alternative to the waste to landfill based strategy that was prevalent in the market.

Today, we can proudly say that Oricol has successfully improved its diversion of waste from landfill disposal from 20% in 2008 to over 70% in 2015. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it means we’re constantly reducing our own carbon footprint – and that of our clients.

How did we achieve this? By focusing on reuse, recycling and recovery Oricol is able to demonstrate a lower carbon footprint to the waste generator. We, therefore, add value by:

  • Reintroducing resources back into the economy
  • Contributing to economic growth and job creation
  • Reducing social and environmental costs

We aim to preserve valuable resources by focusing on waste reduction as well as the sorting, processing and marketing of recyclables. As a last resort, we dispose of ultimate waste at landfill or dispose of it in the safest manner possible.

Our Resource Recovery division provides the complete range of services for the separation, storage and recycling of wastes generated from industrial, commercial and municipal clients.

With depots in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Durban, we are well placed to offer our core services, which include hiring waste containers and collection and recovery of waste.

Our liquid waste treatment plants and material recycling facilities in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg (Spartan) render both liquid and solid wastes suitable for recovery or safe disposal.

Making the world a safer, cleaner place is not just a job . . . It's the passion that drives our business

The development of new and innovative waste recycling and energy recovery processes is in line with an increasingly strict set of environmental regulations that aim to:

  • Limit the quantity of waste stored in landfills
  • Reduce the depletion of non-renewable resources

As our source separation programmes improve, so more and more waste is being treated through our recycling and recovery processes. This, in turn, leads to enhanced developments which enables us to better use waste as a resource. Think of it as the circular economy in action.

Developing specialised reclamation and recycling processes enables us to help an increasing number of clients cut their carbon emissions.

Spend your valuable time growing your business . . . and let us take care of the rest

Tailor-made on-site integrated contracts allow businesses and organisations such as universities to focus on their core activities without having to allocate resources to sort and reduce waste, recycle, clean and hire expensive cleaning equipment.

Oricol supplies on-site staff and equipment to get the job done – from minimising waste streams and sorting to effluent plant management.

Our industrial services help clients by cutting their costs and production downtime while mitigating the risk to their businesses.

By working faster, smarter and safer with best-in-class equipment – and to the highest international standards - we deliver cost-effective environmental, industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions that take care of the short and long term needs of our clients.

Safe, reliable, efficient - everything you've come to expect from a worldclass operation like ours!

Food and beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and logistics facilities are just some of the industry sectors that rely on Oricol for complete peace of mind when it comes to secure product destruction.

By recycling recoverable commodities from this process we’re helping our clients manage their reputation by avoiding potential liability from off-spec products being resold in the market – and at the same time reducing their carbon footprint and diverting wastes from landfill.

At Oricol we pride ourselves on our passion for sustainable environmental solutions. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to see waste differently.

Not as something to throw away. But rather as a valuable secondary resource that can be reintroduced into the economy, boost growth, create jobs and make the world a cleaner, safer place.

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Port Elizabeth

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Neave Industrial Park,
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Neave Township, P.E.

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16 Vuurslag Ave,
Kempton Park,

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Oricol has been deemed an “essential service” by the provision of waste removal services.
We will therefore make ourselves available to provide waste management services to your company, should you be operational during the lockdown period. Please note it is essential to notify us if you will be requiring our services over this period in order for us to adequately prepare our staff to be available to render the service.
 To our valued clients, please notify us accordingly should you not be requiring our services during this period.