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We Make The World A Cleaner, Safer Place

On-site Contracts
From placing trained staff at your site to identify and manage waste streams to treating a wide variety of waste waters, we provide a single point of contact for all your waste management requirements.
Industrial Services
Think of us as a business partner that offers international experience, best-in-class equipment and safety excellence for your next industrial cleaning project - reducing cost and risk, and keeping your plant operating optimally.
Treatment Services
Using either physical or chemical treatments, we transform your waste into materials that can be safely disposed of or recovered for later use. This applies to both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and solid wastes.
Food and beverage manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are just some of the industry sectors that rely on us for complete peace of mind when it comes to secure product destruction. We safely destroy your products while keeping your reputation intact.
We provide a full range of waste collection services to commercial and industrial customers in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Our comprehensive vehicle fleet efficiently collects waste material for treatment or disposal.
We own a network of permitted treatment and disposal sites for electronic waste. We ensure your e-waste is correctly stored and handled during collection and transportation to ensure no damage to the equipment occurs.
Waste Recovery
Our dedicated resource recovery division provides the complete range of services for the separation, storage and recycling of wastes generated from industrial, commercial and municipal clients.
We assess your organic wastes to determine its suitability for composting and so help divert a major part of your waste from landfill. This saves money on your landfill costs and reduces your carbon footprint.
Energy Recovery
Cement manufacturers use our alternative fuels made from industrial and hazardous waste streams to replace a portion of coal, a conventional fossil fuel, to heat their kilns.

"We are driven by a desire to recycle and turn waste into a resource. It’s part of our culture” – Richard Sanders, CEO

For all your waste disposal requirements

To create a sustainable future for our planet, we need to continually think about how to best use our finite resources

At Oricol Environmental Services, we’re constantly developing new and innovative ways of turning waste into a resource. It’s this drive to move away from a linear economy - where we take, make, use and dispose - to a circular model aimed at reusing resources in a sustainable way that lies at the heart of our strategic objectives.

We’ve made it our mission to find alternatives to the “throw-away” attitude towards waste and have geared our daily business activities towards diverting the maximum amount of waste away from landfills.

We achieve this by analysing each waste stream to identify any opportunities for reuse, recycling and recovery.

Our vision is a future in which resources will continuously be reused and there will be no net effect to the environment.

Innovation is at the core of our business. Our researchers are hard at work, constantly developing new waste recycling and energy recovery processes to meet the demands of increasingly tighter laws that aim to limit the quantity of waste stored in landfills.

As our source separation programmes improve, so more and more waste is being treated through our recycling and recovery processes.

This, in turn, leads to enhanced developments which enables us to better use waste as a resource. Think of it as the circular economy in action.

More companies than ever are discovering the importance of managing their environmental footprint - particularly considering the pending carbon tax - and outsourcing their non-core activities.

At Oricol we’re well placed to offer advanced technical solutions that have been thoroughly researched elsewhere in the world – for international companies with South African operations and vice versa.

We want to continue making a contribution to leaving this world in a better state for future generations.

This puts us in a strong position to add value to our clients. And make the world a cleaner, safer place.

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Port Elizabeth

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Oricol has been deemed an “essential service” by the provision of waste removal services.
We will therefore make ourselves available to provide waste management services to your company, should you be operational during the lockdown period. Please note it is essential to notify us if you will be requiring our services over this period in order for us to adequately prepare our staff to be available to render the service.
 To our valued clients, please notify us accordingly should you not be requiring our services during this period.